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What Participants say

This is the training I wish I had 20 years ago, to make my key points clearly and make sure people remembered them.  The course is challenging and is presented in a very supportive environment.”

- Lyndal, former radio presenter -

Excite. Motivate. Captivate.                Inspire Change.
Do you want to be a great presenter?

You should want your slides to be great,  your body language engaging, and ensure that every one of your messages hits the mark.  Whether you are a team leader within a business, or someone that hits the stage in front of thousands, your responsibility is the same.  Be the best presenter you can possibly be.

Introduction to better presenting

This 2 hour session delivered by Nathan Scott is available to businesses that want their staff to start thinking about how to improve their presentation skills.  It is only an introduction, as it is impossible to cover everything in a 2 hour session, but it will certainly help light the fire inside your staff, and set them on a path towards being the best presenter they can be.

From Good to Great Presenters Workshop

This fast-paced interactive one-day workshop will help you develop the skills to take you from a good presenter to a great one.  Operating in a small group environment, with intensive coaching and support throughout the day, you will leave with a clear understanding of how to be the best presenter you can be. 

Minimum 6 participants, Maximum 8 participants.  Must have experience with Powerpoint.

Elite Presenter Masterclass Workshop

This two day workshop is a follow on for graduates of the "From good to great presenters" workshop.  It takes what is learnt in the initial one-day workshop, and builds a depth of knowledge and behaviour that will see you grow into an elite presenter.  This is a highly intensive two days, which will guide you, and challenge you to be the best presenter you can be.  If you want to be an elite presenter, then this masterclass is a must.  

Minimum 6 participants, Maximum 8 participants.

All workshops are available on a needs basis, so to register your interest, please contact Nathan Scott at 

We have all been to a presentation, or sat through a meeting where the presenter loses you and the rest of the audience.  It's not that their information isn't important, it is simply that their delivery is not at all engaging, or specifically relevant to you as an individual.

The best presenters know how to captivate and inspire an audience.  How to present in a manner that keeps everyone interested and engaged.  And that can be you too.  Actually it should be you.  If you ever have to speak in front of a group or audience, then you should want to be the best presenter you can be.  

Upcoming workshops

From Good to Great Presenters - Dates to be announced

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