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Nathan Scott
Keynote Speaker
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I have a background in Agriculture, and a love of captivating, motivating and inspiring audiences of all types. 


My presentations contain a unique blend of science, humour and inspiration to challenge traditional thinking.  Whether it is the delivery of technical scientific information, goal setting, or something completely outside the square, I always aim to have my audience fully engaged, and ready to make real change within themselves or their businesses. I put a significant amount of time and effort into achieving that outcome, which involves a lot of preparation and practise before I speak.

There’s a sobering story from a recent meeting I spoke at. I shared the stage with four other presenters. We all had important technical information to convey. My co-presenters were great people. They had exceptional technical subject matter knowledge. But, the disappointing outcome for both them and the industry, was that when we asked delegates what they heard from these presentations and what they recalled, we discovered that the results were not equal.


Have a look at the summary of responses below. This is such a powerful graphic that shows the value in being great on stage. People remember the presenter whose presentation is a performance.

Inspiring Change

Too often, good information is lost amongst poor delivery.  A boring or uninspiring presentation will achieve very little.  So if you have an important message for an audience, don't settle for an average presentation.  Engage the best.

A high quality keynote presentation must captivate the audience, demonstrate relevance to the individuals, and motivate real change and growth.   

If you have a message to deliver, why not get the best to deliver it for you.  

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– Sarah Thompson - 

“Nathan is a high energy presenter that effectively connects with his audience, no matter who it is, and brings an enormous amount of creativity, enthusiasm and passion to his presentations. We look forward to utilising Nathan again for future conferences, workshops and meetings”